We are a well established ,  Gun , Fishing Tackle and Sporting Supplies shop. We are always happy to give free expert advice about any Shooting, Coarse or Fly fishing related issues.

Advice relating to the Purchasing and use of Bullet Rifles ,Shotguns, Amunition,  Air Rifles and Pistols as well as useful information about many local fishing venues etc.

We are always looking to acquire GUNS, Scopes of all Types, Antique ,old, modern, damaged or Spare Parts

 Firearms & Accessories collected, cleared, stored or disposed of with any legal documentation that may be required confidentially sorted on your behalf 

Decoys, Clay Traps, Full range of Bisley & Deben, Products, 

Night Vision Equipment, Lamps, Filters, etc.

Dog Training equipment.  Training collars, Training Dummies, Whistles , etc.

English Leather or Fabric  Shotgun & Rifle slips, Cartridge magazines, Cartridge Bags,etc.


NEW IN from USA- FUD Flat folding decoys in Wood Pigeons, Ducks and Geese.  Click Here to see them in action

Gift Vouchers available for any occasion